Lyon PTO

The Lyon PTO for the 2020-2021 school year is not operating. We're keeping the organization in "hibernation" for now and hope to return again when students return to school and families can support and participate in helping make PTO events/activities successful.


The Lyon PTO is the non-profit organization that contributes directly to Mary Lyon Elementary School students, staff, and families. On May 31, 2016, the parents & teachers at Mary Lyon  change our parent-teacher group from a PTA to a PTO. This means we are no longer part of the larger Parent Teacher Association, but instead operate as an independent Parent Teacher Organization. Being an independent organization means:

- We do not collect membership dues. We welcome any and all families of Mary Lyon Elementary school to participate.

- All of our proceeds go directly towards benefiting Mary Lyon families & stakeholders.

- We abide by our own set of bylaws, not those set by a larger state-level organization. Our families and stakeholders have direct say in how we operate.

Lyon PTO Officers:


Board Members:

Donna Schreiber

Roman Maunupau

Debbie Scott


Contact Information: